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Welcome to Slendrians

Slendrians is a casual raiding guild and has been since it was founded. 
It consists of mature players that are here to relax and enjoy the game whilst still taking raid progression seriously.

We raid 10 man content. If you want to join the brave ladies and lads in Slendrians then read our Guild Rules before you apply. 

Warlords of Draenor Launch

This is pretty much how the launch went down.
Warlords is out 

Chucknourish a Hehe ...
Greenka Took me a while to detect from which tab is the music coming from ...

Epic Drop

Chucknourish a posted Oct 23, 14
Greenka Hahahaha Awesome ...

Heroic Norushen Down

Chucknourish a posted Feb 28, 14
Good job guys!
Groell Finally, new kills!! Good job ladies and gents! Keep it up!!
lucprda great job guys:)

Garrosh bites the dust

Chucknourish a posted Feb 24, 14
Xuraya i still think you have to post the other pict as well ...
Dobiruraiser Finally our picture is posted nyaharharharhar!!!
I just realised you can't buy plush wind ryder on blizzard store any more and I'm just devastated. :(
gg green, it looks pro
Thank you for the new layout of the site Green
QT is Full, 832 people in queue. WTH? Never seen this before.!!!
Have to improve some details, but off to buy WoD now. :sick:
the site looks great!
well done green!
AMG!!!!!!! Work work work..... Haopy birthday for yesterday Sviks!!!!!!
Server dead..and wassap with the counter still going? :sick:
1:40 min to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!