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Welcome to Slendrians

Slendrians is a casual raiding guild and has been since it was founded. 
It consists of mature players that are here to relax and enjoy the game whilst still taking raid progression seriously.

We raid 10 man content. If you want to join the brave ladies and lads in Slendrians then read our Guild Rules before you apply. 


Slendrians goes full time social, read more here.

Heroic Operator Thorgar Down! 3 bosses to go.

skviky a chooo chooooo!!!!!!

Heroic Kromog Down!

Chucknourish a posted Apr 5, 15

Heroic Kromog down. Good job guys! Only 4 more to go.

Heroic Flamebender Ka'graz down! Good job guys only 5 more to go.

Heroic Oregorger down! Good job guys. Only 6 more to go.

6.2 is coming!!
I can still see it
Where is our website header gone? O.o
@jovee . Im taking a break do to burn out...
ps Zel wth have you gone?
Hey CPT, defo got a spot for you if your schedule allows
I will know my schedule at the start of the next week. Does the new guild still need ppl?
any1 having problems logging in?
[link] whats our excuse again for blastfurnace?
Ffs come on get those servers up again!