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Welcome to Slendrians

Slendrians is a casual raiding guild and has been since it was founded. 
It consists of mature players that are here to relax and enjoy the game whilst still taking raid progression seriously.

We raid 10 man content. If you want to join the brave ladies and lads in Slendrians then read our Guild Rules before you apply. 


Heroic Norushen Down

Chucknourish a posted Feb 28, 14
Good job guys!
Groell Finally, new kills!! Good job ladies and gents! Keep it up!!
lucprda great job guys:)

Garrosh bites the dust

Chucknourish a posted Feb 24, 14
Xuraya i still think you have to post the other pict as well ...
Dobiruraiser Finally our picture is posted nyaharharharhar!!!
Only Garrosh left!!!!
Dobiruraiser ill not only spit on him for u Greenie, but ill spell ur name using my spit on his face! (now how to spit a G...)
Greenka Gratz guys! Now smash that ugly smelly Hellscream and do /spit on ihm in my name, please. :@
lucprda Well done guildies!!! I expect new picture and titles on tuesday:)
Trinolina a King of Puns ^^
Chucknourish a If you know what i mean!?
Looking for a social, relaxed guild to raid? Slendrians are recruiting, we are looking for more healers and dps for draenor. if interested fill out an application at [link]
Could use some extra spammers on trade chat :P
and good luck cpt :)
QT to stay for sure!
I am to well established on quelthalas tranfering all toons will be to costly, besides once a slendiran allways a slendrian
Horde Q'T till the end :P
im joining the army on monday and i will have no internet fot 1 month! after that it will be ok. i was jsut wondering if the rest of the guys will stay on the server or switch now that the xpansion is coming out
I'll be playing WoD for sure. Just don't know how to balance my time also with Dragon Age: Inquisition coming out, something Ive been waiting for as well :P
i bet they are thinking about comming back tho! like you right cpt^^ hows the army btw?
ey Cpt, still playing, just slowly getting ready for draenor. not seen any of the veterans return yet.
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